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What's our methodology? Easy. Successful solutions don’t have to be complicated.
Our approach starts with mapping out basic requirements for the baseline solution, which is the foundation of our minimum viable product (MVP). Our implementation model is designed to consider the current state of your systems and staff, increase marketing ROI, decrease time to market, and prevent over-engineering. We then improve on the MVP in a series of subsequent iterative sprints while helping train and grow your staff to a comfortable level. It’s that simple.

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We incorporate strategy in everything we do. But some brands need a holistic view of their overall initiatives. Our martech strategy and assessments help our clients get a better understanding of where they are today. We then jointly create a customized roadmap based on strategic goals, internal team capabilities, and budget.

The Wall of Ideas


We specialize in helping brands bring their data driven marketing technology integrations to life through website, CMS, CRM, and Commerce integrations with CDP/DMP platforms.

CRM/CMS platforms

CDP/DMP Implementation

Customer Experience Enablement

Full Lifecycle Commerce

Platform Integration Accelerators

Digital social media


Data informed campaigns and customer journeys play a large role in retention and understanding your customers. 

Assessments & POV’s

Cross-channel Orchestration

Targeted Customer Journeys

Ongoing Testing & Refinement

Development & System Integration

User Training & Support

Digital Work


We know data and every decision, recommendation, and solution we give is data-informed. 

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Online/Offline data integration

Analytics & Insights

Segmentation & Scoring

Data Science Analysis & Modeling

Online Monitoring


We also have a team of technologists that we can deploy on an individual basis to join existing project engagements where you need additional resources. This service can benefit both clients and agencies looking to bring their Martech solutions in-house.

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